Ice cream cake


As long as I remember, my Mother did this cake for my birthday. And before doing this for me, she did for my Father. A really old family recipe, that no one seems to remember where they get it from. Even at risk of being cut from the will, I reveal the old family secret… The ingredients and its conversions have been profusely discussed elsewhere.

Ice cream cake



Let the palitos go dry (if you buy them fresh, it normally takes a couple of days). Then crumb them in a blender until they are pulverized.

Mix the condensed milk and the double cream until you have a fluffy and dense.

Line a pirex tin (or a tin that can go to the freezer) with baking parchment or buttered paper. Then, start layering the cake. The first and last layers should be of  palitos powder. I normally end up having 1cm layers, about 3 big spoons of cream.

Put on the freezer for about 24h.

When about to serve just use a warmed knife to separate the cake from tin and pull the paper. It should come out without much dramas, hopefully.

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  1. […] I started this blog a few days before my birthday. Actually, one of my first posts was about the ice cream cake my Mother used to do for me every year.  This year, however, for some reason, I was not really in the mood for a creamy cold cake… […]

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