Mash with a twist


A mash is a mash is a mash. That is, mashed potatoes. Boil the potatoes, add butter and milk, salt and pepper and then mash. But, a special dinner calls for a special dish. After a brief consult with Todpop, I decided to give it a go to Nigella‘s mash with a twist.

Mash with a twist


  • 1.2 Kg starchy potatoes
  • 0.6 Kg parsnips (also known as pastinaki)
  • 300 mL buttermilk (or diluted cream)
  • 1 root of ginger broken down in pieces.
  • olive oil
  • Asian sesame toasted oil to taste


Peel the potatoes and the parsnips and put them to cook with the ginger root. When cooked, take out the ginger.

Put the potatoes in a big glass bowl, and add the sesame oil, the olive oil,  the buttermilk and salt&pepper to taste. Mash the all the ingredients. Once they are mashed, fluff them with a wooden spoon.

Nigella – also know as the Queen of porn food – explains how to do this mash in this TV appearance.

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